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Clock Gas Stove

To view trade prices, please call us free on 0800 772 0352 or
email us at to register an account.

All Clock Stoves are 100% made in the uk!

visit our dedicated website for more information

Designed in the UK - Our 1st model was commissioned by Blithfield Hall in Staffordshire.
All Component parts are sourced and produced in the UK.
All Stoves are fabricated, hand finished and fully assembled in the UK.  
Packaging, freight, marketing, after-sales care and customers services are again - All UK 

The New Clock Gas stove will be hitting showrooms early 2019 

The output range is 1.4kw (Low) to 4kw (High)

To register your interest in the Clock Gas Stove contact your nearest dealer or call us on 0161 877 6974 or email


Available Mid September 2018

Description                                    Values 

Output (kw)                                   4kw High – 1.4kw Low 

Energy Rating                               C 

Controls                                         Full Remote controlled as standard 

                                                      24hr Timer as standard 

                                                      Thermostat as standard 

Fuel                                               Gas 

Flue Size                                       5” 

Weight                                           95kg 

Glass size                                      352 x 270mm 

Rope size                                      12mm 

Warranty                                        7 years 

Available Options 

Colours options
Brass or Stainless Fittings 

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